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About Us
Please note that the guild rules are there for one purpose only - to make this guild fun for all of us. If we have a rule that doesn't increase the overall fun of the raid, we will remove it. Sometimes we have to balance your fun with the fun of other members and the fun of the officers (who are just here to have a good time too!), so please try to follow the rules

Guild Ranks


  • Chancellorc - Verno
    The Boss. Oversees the organization of the guild, long term planning, final decisions on any issues, communication.
  • Vice-Chancellorc - Wrekh
    Raid Leader, deputy Boss, assists with administration.
  • Professorcs
    • Jedrak - Raid Leader (currently on sabbatical)
    • Palaron - Healing Officer.

This is our management team. All of our officers are there to help you, so please let us know if there is anything you are unhappy about. We will not be able to fix everything, but we are always happy to explain why we do things the way we do, and if something is not fair we'll try and address it.

Student Body

  • Orcademic - Character which is raid-ready. You will only have one - we don't bring alts to our proper raids - but if you want to change mains we are usually happy to allow it, as long as it doesn't disrupt the raids too much.
  • Orcadian - Socials and alts. Note that all alts will have the name of the player's main in the guild note.

General Rules

Whilst we are a casual guild, we aren't an alt guild where you can play casually while you raid hardcore on your main elsewhere. This is because we are a community who play together to provide help and support. We want you to get a lot out of being here, and to give back too, and neither of those things will happen if you are playing elsewhere for a lot of your time. This doesn't affect your right to pug if you wish, of course.

As you can now raid together with people from any server, you do not have to be on Tarren Mill to play with the guild, although it is an advantage to move here as otherwise you won't be able to join the guild in game (no green text for you!). However, the organization of the raids and other guild matters will be done mostly on Discord. For this reason, you are expected to visit Discord often enough to stay up-to-date with the guild.

Our membership is mainly older people, and we don't censor players for language, opinion etc. (Threatening or deliberately offensive speech is not tolerated; this is a matter of judgement, of course, and we will give the benefit of the doubt where we can.) For this reason, players must be 18 or over.

Raiding Rules

Raid Times

Raids will take place on Wednesday and Sunday from 20.00h - 23.00h servertime. Invites start at 19.30h and you are expected to be in the raid and at the instance before raid start time - not waiting for a summon! - as we normally pull on time.

There will be one 10-minute break roughly halfway through the raid. You should not be going AFK during raid time except in an emergency, as hanging about waiting for people breaks concentration and isn't fun for the rest of the raid. However, if you know you are likely to be disturbed during the raid, e.g. you are expecting an important phone call, let the raid leader know in advance and we'll do our best to fit around you.

Having said all this if you can't make the start of the raid you can join later as long as we have room, and if you need to go early let us know at the start of the raid. We know sometimes people get tired during the evening and want to leave early unexpectedly. We allow this, but do bear in mind that it can be disruptive if a lot of people leave during the raid, so please be considerate to others and do this only when necessary.

You should be fully gemmed and enchanted and have potions and flasks for all your main role at least (although there may be a period of grace at the start of an expansion, which will be made clear at the time). Food and respec books will be provided.


There is no expected level of attendance. We will try to let everyone raid the raids they want to, however many or few that is. However, there may be odd occasions when this is not possible; for example if your attendance is so low that your gear falls too far behind the rest of the raid. It is also likely that people in certain roles, such as healers, will have to play offspec sometimes. We will do our best to find a balance between meeting the needs of the raid and letting you play when and what you want to play.

If you are going to be away from the game for a significant break, please let us know, so we can make sure we keep a big enough roster to ensure the raids are well-supported.

Loot Rules

We have been running Personal Loot since its introduction, and we believe that your loot belongs to you. Nobody should feel obliged to pass anything to anyone else for any reason - if you want to keep a piece for transmog or a shard, go ahead. You may also pass a piece privately to someone in the raid, if you want to share spare loot with a friend. It really is your loot, so do what you want with it! If you do want to offer it to the raid, then we want to manage this with minimal interruption to the raid, so we use the addon Personal Loot Helper. This allows you to decide yourself to whom you want to pass your loot.

Raid Performance

We have never yet benched someone for performance issue. We prefer instead to help people improve. We encourage raiders to help each other and offer tips for improvement, and everyone is expected to accept constructive criticism. However, we do not allow players to insult other members' performance, and if you are being abused in /w then you should report it to an officer, preferably Verno. All members must accept that, due to our loose attendance policy, not everyone will be as good at playing their class, and some may struggle with mechanics. We know it is sometimes difficult to stay patient when wiping due to mistakes by other players, but it is part of the way we work and it is expected of you. We believe that everyone is doing the best they can.